SMART Meters

Our smart meters are designed and manufactured to Energy Supply Company standards with full prepayment functionality and integration with PayPoint.

Protect your meter investment through flexible modularity

Energy Controls introduces a new generation of intelligent metering. SMART Metering online delivers secure, accurate remote metering reading data direct to your PC via the internet. No-one can tell what the future holds that’s why with its unique modularity our SMART metering online system meets your needs for today whilst leaving you with choices for tomorrow. You decide when to equip your meters with a choice of technology to give them the communication capabilities you need.
The Meter

An industry leading highly functional Energy Meter offering direct connection or CT operated installation. The meter can be fitted in stand alone installations or as part of a comprehensive metering system and comes complete with a module slot for simple ‘Plug & Play’ connection of a communications unit.


The ‘Plug & Play’ communications module offers universal connection for high-speed reliable data transmission including:- RS232/485, PSTN, GSM/GPRS and Ethernet. Flexible communications modules offer you full freedom of choice for deployment of new technologies.

Internet Data Transfer

Our SMART Metering Online system uses the internet as a reliable communications highway to deliver valuable meter reading data direct to your PC. Consumption data is collected from meters automatically and stored on our secure server which is backed up daily for customer’s safety and peace of mind.

Direct to your PC

Access your meter readings anywhere, anytime using a standard internet browser. The data can be manipulated to produce valuable reports in a graphical format to identify consumption trends. Only reliable, total availability of precise metering data provides the basis for an efficient billing process.

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