Pay-as-you-go payment solutions

Need to top up?

Use the new Energy Controls App to top up your Smart meter from your tablet or smartphone.

Energy bills are so last year!

‘Pay-As-You-Go’ is the way to go! Use our online portal to top up your electricity meter; our cashless prepayment service benefits the Landlord AND the consumer:

Electricity credits can be purchased anywhere, anytime

Eliminates the need for cash handling

Dramatically reduces administration

Safe, secure and completely visible

Pre-payment with PayPoint

Energy Controls is proud to offer the national PayPoint service to Landlords and Property Managers.

Using the PayPoint service eliminates the need for cash handling and has many benefits for the landlord as well as the site management team; revenue streams are secure with less cash to handle, reduced administrative overheads and more quality time to service consumers.

Pre-payment with cash

For many consumers, prepayment of their electricity supply with cash or credit/debit card is a convenient and familiar option.

With the Energy Controls’ SMART metering system, Landlords and Property Managers can operate a ‘Pay-As-You-Go’ service for energy payments at their own convenience.

Robust data feedback

Access to usage data readings and credit balances via our portal in The Cloud.

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Use you new Energy Controls App to top up your SMART METER from your Tablet or Smartphone

Top up your meter on the move, directly from a smartphone
Quick, safe and secure
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