Prepayment with PayPoint!

Energy Controls is proud to offer the national PayPoint service to Landlords and Property Managers. Using the PayPoint service eliminates the need for cash handling and has many benefits for the landlord as well as the site management team; revenue streams are secure with less cash to handle, reduced administrative overheads and more quality time to service consumers


With the Energy Controls’ SMART metering system, Landlords and Property Managers can operate a ‘Pay-As-You-Go’ service for energy payments at their own convenience.

PayPoint is a trusted and well-recognised brand that offers a fast and secure payment process for all major gas and electricity suppliers, along with mobile phone companies and national agencies. Paypoint has more than 10 million weekly customers.

PayPoint provides a facility to make instant payments to your accounts using cash or credit/ debit card either in-store, on the phone, online or using a smartphone with the Energy Controls’ unique app.

Paying using PayPoint helps to make life that little bit easier for people to manage their finances and minimises the need for cash handling. Consumers can top up their gas or electricity at any one of the 29,000+ PayPoint outlets in the UK providing a smarter way to pay for their energy.

At Energy Controls, we’re proud to be the first company able to offer the PayPoint service to landlords and property managers within the submetering/secondary market.

PayPoint has many benefits for both private and public sector landlords as well as holiday park owners and management teams, with;

  •  Less cash to handle
  • Reduced administrative overheads
  •  More time to spend helping tenants and guests
  •  A more convenient way for tenants and guests to pay for their energy

There are many advantages to using PayPoint. One of the main advantages is that consumers can take control of their own electricity and gas payments and are able to top up their electricity meters easily via local newsagents, convenience stores and petrol stations, many of which are open from early until late, 7 days a week.

99% of the population live within 1 mile of a PayPoint retailer so if consumers run out of energy, there should be no need to contact their landlord or site management at unsociable hours

At Energy Controls, being able to offer a functionality that’s both accessible and uncomplicated to users young and old is extremely important. There’s no use providing SMART metering solutions without having a smart way to pay, and this is why PayPoint is ideal.

Being a leading provider of payment solutions for major consumer service organisations, PayPoint is quick and easy to use, and straightforward to understand for users of all ages and abilities, no matter on the payment method they use.

  •  Retail Outlet; simply ask the cashier to top up your meter and pay in store
  •  Energy Controls Online Web-Portal; login to your account and make cashless pre-payments online
  • Energy Controls Smartphone App; make energy payments using our app via a tablet or smartphone

For many consumers, pre-payment of their electricity supply with cash or by credit/debit card is an easy and familiar option. SMART meters communicate remotely to online software allowing landlords and property managers to monitor energy usage whilst operating a token-less pre-payment system which is secure and tamper-proof.

Energy Controls have been the UK’s leading supplier of SMART and Pre-Payment metering systems for over 25 years. With the introduction of SMART meters the Pre-Payment market is undergoing a revolution with many landlords and holiday park operators wanting the added security, peace of mind and convenience of a “Pay as you Go” system in order to collect payments upfront.

By teaming up with PayPoint, Energy Controls are able to offer a range of simple pre-payment solutions to meet all requirements.

Electricity credits can be purchased anywhere, anytime

Eliminates the need for cash handling

Dramatically reduces administration

Safe, secure and completely visible

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